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GETTING NATIONAL STANDARD for polyetylene pipes

We are very pleased to say 
Recently by 24/7 effort of management and other personnel, we succeed ed to get the NATIONAL STANDARD CERTIFICATION (14427) for all kind of polyethylene pipes.
This event is one Of our proudly national and international certification we have gotten


YashilDrip started its activities from 1997 as RAJEIN DASHT-E- ZANJAN agricultural complex which is one of the first complexes has used and promote drip irrigation Flat and Tape throughout of IRAN.

In 2006 by feeling the need of using the proportional tape with every climate of our region, started producing DRIP TAPE with aim to promote a culture of water use saving in agricultural section.

This company has achieved so many of national and international confirmations.

YashilDrip has an equipped quality control laboratory which can apply 6 months ultra-violet radiation in 24 hours onto tape and test it.

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